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Tina the speed junkie.

Tina the speed junkie.


Musings of a midlife mum juggling kids and full-time work with commuting hubbie who serves in the Armed Forces.   Former RAF Wing Commander, whose transition from university to pilot training, a career as an intelligence officer, to breakfast show radio presenter, with numerous projects under her belt from charity cookbooks, welfare, school PTA, hospital radio and driving a banger across Europe… Passionate about life and supporting the community, wherever that may take us! Creatively at her best after a glass of pink vino!





A mother of two in the process of adjusting to life as a civvy wife, rather than the all-she’s-ever-known military wife!  Who thankfully didn’t completely give up her career as a fellow military wife told her to do many years ago, in order to follow her husband around the world!  Swapped being the PR and publications manager of a national charity for the more versatile and military-life-friendly freelance copywriter.  Never say never: before moving to the base on Cyprus, Louise foolishly uttered the words I would never do that and then subsequently found herself as joint Chair of the committee she had previously dismissed as too-ladies-that-lunch!  Went on to love her experiences on the committee, with her two fellow bloggers, of voluntarily organising events to raise money for local good causes and to help provide the dependants with a variety of fun things to do.  In case you are wondering, dependants is the term given to us: the wives!!  Often to be found writing, cycling, spinning, hula-hooping, or drinking wine…not usually at the same time, but worth trying?


Juliet, Our Guest Contributor!

In the words of her thirteen year-old daughter, Catherine: “Juliet is a mother of two fabulous children.  She is creative, strong and brave (depends) and has many interesting views on everything; also enjoys sharing them too! She is respected, trustworthy and always has got your back.  Quite fond of photography and pretty damn well good at it..she is loved by many and has made her mark on many lives.  She is just awesome basically”


Juliet discovering maturity…

In Juliet’s words…At the age of around 35, after several abortive attempts, I discovered that maturity and responsibility was not an obligation, and I haven’t looked back in the nine years since. In the words of Alexei  Sayle “I like a laugh” and it is my personal mission to provoke that reaction any way I can. If that involves kicking a few Hornets’ Nests and opening some worm-filled cans, then so be it!  Having spent 20 plus years as a Customs Officer at Dover and Heathrow nothing shocks me much, and this has definitely contributed to my (questionable) sense of humour.

Five years as a Civvie at RAF Akrotiri has instilled in me a deep respect for all things military, 10754877_10152344401712820_1260056954_nespecially its personnel and their long-suffering dependents. Life in Cyprus was a whirlwind, as I worked at the Community Support Office and co-chaired the same events committee with Louise and Tina, hosting Fashion Shows, Red Carpet nights and Chocolate Workshops, as well as attending Dining events and Summer Balls.  My old blog of my times in Cyprus can be found here: ).

I have since eschewed the high life, put my ballgowns on EBay and can now be found living a less frenetic existence in the furthest corner of coastal Kent, on a hilltop village, under which rumbles the Channel Tunnel railway. Since returning to the UK, I have discovered a love for singing in a local Community choir, so my penchant for the dramatic has found some outlet.  In between that, parenting two children and holding down a full-time office job, I dedicate myself to world-class slobbing on the sofa, posting way too much on Facebook and watching re-runs of The Tudors, whilst munching on fishfinger sarnies (with mayo, naturally).


Louise and Juliet

Louise and Juliet

Juliet living the high life

Juliet living the high life



One thought on “Author bios

  1. Louise…I just read your bio and see that we have more than a fondness for cycling in common. I too am a freelance copywriter. It’s the perfect career for me…spew mellifluous prose when my creative biorhythms are at their peak, and pedal about on my bike most of the rest of the time! As for hula-hooping…kudos to you. I just don’t have the hip-gyration skills to pull it off.

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