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We met and shared sunshine, sweat, tears and laughter whilst living on a Royal Air Force base on the sunny island of Cyprus; before flying off to settle in different parts of the UK.

Several years ago, Juliet and Louise met online desperately seeking answers!  Having just found out that we were moving to RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus, we were full of questions: what furniture should we take and what furniture should we put into storage, what would the houses be like, did we need to ship coats, should we stock up on anything in case the local shops didn’t sell it…?  Aside from having a marvellous sense of humour,  Louise soon discovered that Juliet is also the master of quotes, with her personal favourite: ‘Stick a fork in me, I’m done”.  That pretty much summed up the hot and sweaty summers in Cyprus.  Tina came along a year later and Louise will also never forget their first encounter as she thought her daughter, who had been relentlessly playing ball with Tina’s dog in the searing sunshine, had killed said dog from heat exhaustion!

We shared the same horrors of the ‘welcome pack’…which detailed such niceties as: what to do in the event of an earthquake and you might find snakes, scorpions, Cyprus widow spiders and processionary caterpillars in your garden, as well as cockroaches in your house!  And boy did we find cockroaches!  To this day, we still remember many stories about them; including one from Ali, who woke up to use the bathroom and found one of the offenders sat on her toothbrush!

We experienced the fun, which was plentiful on this beautiful sun-drenched island, and the frustrations of life as military wives: leaving our UK careers behind us and our close friends and family living thousands of miles away.    And we supported our amazing friends who were coping with the worries and physical pressures of doing everything on their own for months at a time, whilst their husbands were serving overseas.

And now, the three of us are back to the rain and normality of England and non-military life.

Whether it’s about the Med, the MoD or just plain mad, drop us a line!




Thank you for dropping by!  If you wish to copy or share anything contained within, please contact the writer for permission.  This blog is about three friends sharing their experiences and thoughts: in doing so we do not intend to cause anyone upset or offence so please remember that no two experiences are the same; respect our comments and we respect yours.  We will not, however,  keep nasty or offensive comments on this blog and will delete as we feel appropriate.


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