Me and my mini cooper

four-door-mini-cooper-convertible-of-mini-cooper-s-convertible-photo-styleI love my mini cooper!  Ever since I passed my driving test, nearly twenty years ago, I have yearned for a mini cooper.  I would walk past mini’s idly wondering which colour I would, hopefully, one day choose: classy cream with black highlights, elegant black with girly pink accents, or classic racing green? And my long-held dream was fulfilled nearly two years ago, when at last I sat behind the wheel of a convertible mini – a perfect fit I should add – and drove it home.

So you can imagine how this recent statement – foolishly uttered from my husband – went down:

Now that I am working in the same town we live, we only need one car, so you can sell your mini…..

I stared at him agog!  Incredulous! Astounded! Why would my lovely compact mini have to go?  Surely the cumbersome family car would be more-easily forgotten!  For crikes sake my mini is in my son’s I spy Cool Cars book!

A few days later, he went back to work and I put the house on the market.  A family home somewhere far from his work should do the trick…!

Never come between a girl and her mini cooper!


4 thoughts on “Me and my mini cooper

    • I love the fact they are small! I have always loved small cars; my other ‘wanted’ car is a suzuki cappuccino, which again is tiny! Boot space is tight in the mini, as is the rear legroom – but it’s worth it!

      I can understand your concerns on reliability and safety, although I haven’t had any probs with reliability. I believe there were problems with the first ‘new’ model, which I understand have mostly been ironed out by a large investment from BMW. As far as safety goes the mini received four out of five stars when it was crash tested by Euro NCAP. Not as good as five stars but not bad for a small car I suspect! Having said all that, I would still choose the ‘boring’ family car for long journeys!!

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