Conquering cleats!

Judging by the laughter emanating from my husband, as I picked myself up from the floor – complete with trainer still attached to my bike’s pedal – the sight of me falling over whilst trying cleats for the first time, is the funniest thing-ever!

Having not fallen off my bike since I was a child, that slow-motion feeling as the inevitable happens did bring on my giggles and yes, I did feel a bit of an idiot.  However, I am consoled by the saying that everyone falls over at least once whilst getting used to cleats.  My advice: practise on a soft landing and where there are no onlookers; particularly unsympathetic husbands!

2 thoughts on “Conquering cleats!

  1. My most mortifying cleat fail happened was when I was cycling in morning traffic. At a red light, I pulled up behind a bus and tried to impress the gal in the car behind me with an elegant track stand…but the light stayed red far too long and I was too close to the bus’s bumper, and sure enough – down I went. By the time I twisted and wiggled myself free, the light had turned green and the bus was long gone…but the gal in the car behind me was still there, looking none too impressed.

    • Love it! It’s so funny (not sure that’s the right adjective!) the way you know you’re about to tumble isn’t it and yet there’s nothing you can do!!

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